Booking Greek Island Ferries

Going to the Greek islands? Lucky you!

If you’re planning a trip to Greece, visiting the beautiful Greek islands should be high on your itinerary. One of the best ways to get from Athens to the Greek islands is by ferry. Booking a Greek island ferry can be a bit overwhelming, but with a few tips, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

The ferries are the main mode of transportation between the greek islands and the mainland, and they can get booked up quickly during peak season. In this post, we’ll look at the best options for booking ferry tickets for the Greek islands.

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Directly through the ferry company… or not.

Shockingly, trying to book directly through a Ferry company can be quite frustrating. There are various Ferry companies like Seajets, Blue Star, and Aegeon Palagos so going to each individually can be painful. It’s like searching for a flight by going airline to airline – it’s just not efficient.

Using a ferry booking website

There are several ferry booking websites that specialize in booking ferry tickets for the Greek islands. These websites often offer a wider selection of ferry companies and routes than you’ll find on individual ferry company websites. They can also help you compare prices and find the best deals.

Some of the most popular ferry booking websites for the Greek islands include Ferries in Greece and Ferry Scanner.

Through a travel agent

Another option for booking ferry tickets for the Greek islands is to go through a travel agent. Travel agents can help you find the best deals and can often offer package deals that include ferry tickets, accommodations, and other travel arrangements. They can also help you navigate the different ferry companies and routes to find the best option for your needs.

At the ferry port

Finally, if you’re feeling spontaneous and don’t want to book your ferry tickets in advance, you can always buy them at the ferry port. This is often the most expensive option, especially during peak season when the ferries are crowded. However, if you’re traveling during the off-season or have a flexible schedule, it can be a fun and adventurous way to travel.

In conclusion, there are several options for booking ferry tickets for the Greek islands. Whether you prefer to book directly through the ferry company, use a travel agent, or book through a ferry booking website, there’s an option that will work for your needs and budget. Just make sure to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak season, to ensure that you get a seat on the ferry of your choice.

BCx Healthcare Benefits Review

Moving to the U.S.? Travelling there regularly or planning to stay for awhile?  Healthcare in the U.S. can be complicated and travel insurance should be a high priority for anyone visiting the U.S.

But what about for smaller issues?  Things like minor infections, colds, etc.  Going to the hospital or urgent care can be time consuming and costly.

Luckily, a new flexible subscription program is being offered from BCx that provides unlimited tele-med coverage and unlimited prescription drug coverage for $15/month.  Tele-med is where you can video-call (or regular call) a U.S. board certified doctor to discuss your ailments.  You can even get a prescription through the same doctor if it is deemed necessary.

courtesy of
Courtesy of

The tele-med service is provided by and normally costs $75 per call.  With a BCx subscription, it’s unlimited!

Signing up takes less than 3 minutes and is 100% online.  And a prescription drug card is sent via email usually the next business day.

BCx Drug Card

Currently, the first month is free for the monthly option.  The annual option provides even more savings.

Finally, the cost includes up to 7 family members and require no medical questionnaire.  Acceptance is guaranteed!


KnowRoaming Unlimited Data Plans Are Now $3.99 a day or $9.99 for 3 days!

KnowRoaming has reduced their unlimited data packages to $3.99 USD a day or $9.99 USD for the 3-day package.  Their packages can be used in over 200 countries and includes unlimited WhatsApp messaging and calls with every top-up.

Other packages include:

  • USA 3-day – $5.99 USD
  • Global SIM Card + 7-day Unlimited Data package – $22.99 USD
  • Global SIM Sticker + 7-day Unlimited Data package – $34.99 USD

Best of all, with their SIM Sticker, you can use both your home phone number and an international number at the same time!

Use Promo Code “RAITA00” at checkout for a discount (on some sim packages).

Air Canada Bid Upgrade Guide

Flying Air Canada and looking to splurge? Upgrade to premium economy or business class by bidding on potential empty seats!  Here is a quick guide to help you through the process.

Important note: Bids are non-refundable (if accepted/won) and the cost is above and beyond your original ticket price.  You will not gain any additional reward miles on bid upgraded seats.

First, you must already have a ticket and booking reference (book through a site like Expedia to get an immediate booking reference by email).  Once you have these, head over to Air Canada’s bidding website to see if your flight is eligible for bid upgrades.  To check eligibility, simply enter your booking reference and last name.


Next, select the flights you want to bid on and which class (premium economy or business class).  If you have a round-trip ticket, you must bid on both the outgoing and incoming flights during the same session (but you can choose to not provide a bid on one of the directions if you do not feel like it).  Use the slider to choose your bid price.  Note that there is a minimum threshold that you can bid.


Tip: If you’re only willing to bid the minimum, bid slightly above to beat out everyone else that is bidding the minimum.

Once you have chosen your bid, you will be taken to a confirmation and payment screen to enter your credit card information.


Once your bid is confirmed, your credit card will only be charged if Air Canada accepts your bid.  You will usually receive confirmation 72 hours before your scheduled flight.

Happy bidding!

Tasty Tours – Toronto Food Tour Review

If you find yourself in Toronto and hungry (pun intended!) for some less-touristy options away from the obvious CN Tower and Dundas Square areas, be sure to check out Tasty Tours!  Tasty Tours takes you on a walk through the China Town and Kensington area of Toronto, famous for its local cuisine and anti-big-brand attitude (you won’t find a single big-brand store in the Kensington neighbourhood – Just ask Nike, they tried).

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Food Tours Stockholm, Sweden Review

Are you a foodie looking to try Swedish delicacies, but don’t have the time or budget to sit down at different restaurants?  Fortunately, Food Tours Stockholm’s Nordic Experience tour has you covered.  This 4-hour tour will take you around Stockholm on foot and by subway to different areas to try everything from bear (yes, bear!) to cheese to chocolate and includes various non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.  It is a great tour that will not only fill your stomach, but also helps you get acquainted with Stockholm’s history.

How to get discounts on DJI Drones

So you’ve decided to invest in a drone, but with the popularity of the market leading DJI brand, discounts are hard to come by.  Unfortunately, direct discounts are next to impossible, but with some creativity it’s possible to save both time and some money the DJI Spark, Mavic, and Phantom!


Tip Number #1:  Don’t buy from traditional retail

Traditional retail means high markups.  Not to mention travel time, parking and sales tax.


Tip Number #2: Buy online and save the tax

Buy via Amazon for a chance to save the tax.  ‘Chance’ because it depends on which state/province you live in.  Also, ‘via Amazon’ meaning from a third party who lists on Amazon, but not direct from Amazon.  Assuming the third party isn’t in the same province as you, there shouldn’t be any tax (see below).  This in itself can save you hundreds of dollars.


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Isle of Man Bike Rentals with Green Wheelers

Isle of Man – The small Island country found between Ireland, Scotland and England.  The whole island can be discovered over the course of a few days using a combination of foot, tram (pulled by a horse!), steam/electric rail, bus and bicycle.  If being outdoors is your thing, the island is very bicycle friendly and offers courses for all levels.  For those who are more experienced, the perimeter of the whole island can be cycled in a day.  For those who are not as ambitious, luckily there is Green Wheelers Bike Tours.

Green Wheelers offers both bike rentals and tours for beginner to intermediate cyclists.  The best part is, if you’re not sure what level you are, Green Wheelers’ bicycles are all battery assisted allowing you to adjust the difficulty as you go.  It is recommended that you do at least one tour with Green Wheelers and then rent their bicycles to discover the rest of the island on your own.

One must-do experience is to go to the West side of the island where the roads run along the coast line.  From there, you can do an epic downhill ride down to the ocean.  Don’t worry though, you have your battery assistance to get you back up if needed!

Steam Packet Isle of Man Ferry Review and Seat Class Comparison

If you’re off to Isle of Man, there are two way to get there; by Ferry or plane.  Although the flight may only be 45 minutes, if you factor in having to go early, the security lineups and the fact that the Isle of Man airport isn’t in Douglas, the ferry is a very pleasant and efficient alternative, taking about 3-hours each way.  The best part, the Ferry terminal docks in the heart of Douglas.

The main difference between the economy tickets, is the location of the seats.  The ones near the front of the boat (with the best view) are slightly more expensive, but all economy tickets allow you to access most of the amenities.  The restaurant on the ferry is reasonably priced and has a good selection of food and drinks.  For those travelling with kids, there is a play area, alongside a separate two theatres to keep both adults and kids entertained.  Finally, if you’re brave enough, be sure to go out on the deck to get some fresh ocean air!

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Gotland Ferry Difference in Economy Versus Lounge Seats and General Tips

Considering Gotland, Sweden?  There’s two ways to get there – By plane and by ferry.  Although the flight may only be 45 minutes, if you factor in having to go early and the security lineups the ferry is a very pleasant and efficient alternative, taking about 3-hours each way.

If you’re in Stockholm, the closest port is Nynäshamn, which takes about 1 hour to get to by train from the main Stockholm station.  It will cost about 200SEK each way.  Tip: If you take this train, be careful at Västerhaninge station as half the train separates and goes back to Stockholm.  Make sure you’re in the front half of the train and if the train suddenly empties, be sure to pay attention!

Once you arrive at Nynäshamn, walk south on the main road (along the same side as the water) for about 5 minutes to arrive at the departure area.  Note that similar to planes, you will have to check suitcases, but there is no limit to carry-ons so long as you can carry it all yourself.


Tickets and Difference Between Economy, Aft Lounge, Front Lounge, Pet Lounge, and Cabin

The main difference between the lounge seats is mostly location.  The front lounge seats with the best views are the most expensive, whereas the economy seats are usually in the middle (with no window) or just general seating the the restaurant area.  The Pet Lounge is obviously for those travelling with pets.

For the most part, the extra price is not worth it as you get access to everything else regardless of seat class.  If you want complete privacy, the individual cabins come with small beds and showers.

Tip: If you don’t want to battle the crowds, take the ‘Cargo Departure’ ship.  It’s the same boat, but due to laws around cargo and passengers, they only allow on a max of 197 passengers.  Take your pick of seats!


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