Botsonic ChatGPT AI Chatbot Review & How to Use it for Your Travel Business

Whether you’re a blogger, travel writer, or travel agent, it’s always nice to find efficiencies that will maximize your output and sales. That’s where Writesonic’s Botsonic ChatGPT AI Chatbot can help. Botsonic is a Custom ChatGPT AI chatbot that’s trained on your own data and workflows with no programming required. Think AI support agent for travel agencies or a SEO bot for bloggers and writers.

Up until the last few years, virtual assistants were all the rage. But with Botsonic, virtual assistants can be completely replaced, saving travel businesses thousands a month. Botsonic can be used internally (i.e. integrated to Slack or WhatsApp) and for customer facing platforms like websites and Messenger.

The sources of your Botsonic chatbot can be most text based documents (PDSs, Word docs, etc.) or links to FAQs or other webpages. Languages aren’t an issue because Botsonic automatically detects the user’s language and responds in over 20 languages, making scaling internationally easy. As for the UI, it can be easily customized to your branding, alongside the chatbot’s style and tone.

Writesonic’s Botsonic ChatGPT AI Chatbot can be accessed for free (no credit card required) with no commitments until you decide to go live with the chatbot.

Best of all, because the chatbot can sit on top of a webpage, it can help improve your SEO ranking since the users’ on-page time will increase as they interact with the chat bot.

Use Cases

Below are just some ways Botsonic can help you or your organization improve efficiencies and focus on more important tasks.

  • Answer questions commonly asked by your team members. Whether it’s vacation policies, dos/don’ts, expense policies, etc., the bot can help save your team members from having to shift through multiple documents or from sending emails to HR.
  • Answer commonly asked questions from your users and website visitors. This can include things like contact info, hours of operation, refund policies, etc.
  • Internal efficiency tool that operates as a virtual assistant. Your team can train the chatbot to perform common tasks like research, content ideas, ad content, etc. And because it’s a bot, it can perform these tasks instantly.
  • External efficiency tool for your customers. Add value to your customers by providing them with a tool that can make restaurant suggestions, find the closest hospital/clinics, or even help recommend their next vacation spot based on some questions they answer.

How to Get Started

Botsonic is free to start using and training, with different upgrade options available depending on your needs. In parallel, it is important to start compiling a list of repeating tasks that you would like to offload to the chatbot. Even if it’s something that takes to you 2 minutes, if you’re repeating this task 5 times a day, that’s almost an hour a week that the chatbot can save you. Multiply this by 10 tasks and you save a whole day of work each week!

Once signed up, the friendly UI makes it easy for you to create your chatbots. Everything from training the bot to branding changes to pushing it live, there’s no coding required.


Q: Does Botsonic have an API?
A: Yes, you can integrate Botsnoic via API

Q: Where can Botsonic be integrated?
A: Everywhere from webpages, salesforce, slack, WhatsApp, Zapier, Zendesk, and more.

Q: What is Botsonic’s data and security like?
A: Botsonic is working towards ISO 27001 certification, is GDPR-compliant, and uses top-tier encryption, both at rest and in transit.

Q: What are the paid tier pricing costs?
A: Botsonic is very affordable on a monthly basis. Pricing can be seen here.

Q: What languages does Botsonic support?
A: Botsonic supports 20+ languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Swedish, Finnish, and more.