DrOnCall vs. BasiCare Plus

DrOnCall vs BasiCare Plus

Considering signing up for DrOnCall? Or looking to see how DrOnCall compares to BasiCare Plus? Both are great programs, however your travel habits will likely dictate which program is better for you.

In short, if you travel or live outside the U.S., DrOnCall is likely the better bet due to their prescription drug delivery service. However, if you live mostly in the U.S., BasiCare Plus provides significantly better features and prescription drug coverage. Learn more below.

In today’s fast-paced world, telehealth services like DrOnCall and BasiCare Plus are revolutionizing the way people access primary care, urgent care, and mental health support. With the ability to connect with a physician via telemedicine platforms, individuals can now receive prescriptions for common issues and ailments without leaving their homes.

This post will provide a review of DrOnCall and BasiCare Plus, comparing their features and benefits to help you determine which service best meets your healthcare needs.

Overview of DrOnCall

DrOnCall is a comprehensive telemedicine platform that offers a wide range of services, including urgent care, primary care, chronic care management, and behavioral health consultations. The service aims to provide patients with immediate access to top doctors for advice and non-emergency care, regardless of their location or time of day.

Key features of DrOnCall include:

  1. $0 telehealth, acute medications, counseling, copay for primary care doctors, chronic medications, and urgent care telehealth
  2. Secure medical record management system, with patient access at all times
  3. Support for HR objectives, healthcare education, wellness, and reduced healthcare costs
  4. Low cost to employers with an excellent ROI of 4:1 and strong executive support
  5. Customizable plan design with a $0 member contribution and low administration requirements
  6. 100% user satisfaction, with 91% of health issues resolved through the service
  7. No wait time to speak to a nurse and less than a 15-minute average wait time for a physician

DrOnCall offers consultations in over 150 languages upon request and provides personalized medical advice and prescriptions through a user-friendly interface. The service is designed to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, with unlimited consultations with skilled doctors and confidential, professional care.

Providers using DrOnCall can create customized patient fees based on time spent during video consultations, with different fee schedules for regular office hours, after-hours care on weekdays, weekends, and special holidays. The platform’s “Group Calling” feature enables providers to connect with multiple participants simultaneously, including other providers, medical specialists, and the patient’s family members or caretakers, to provide comprehensive care and support.

Overview of BasiCare Plus

BasiCare Plus is an assurance service that provides instant access to doctors and counselors, including medications, starting at $9.90 per family per month with a $0 copay. The service offers several packages:

  1. BasiCare Plus Enhanced Package: Includes a $0 copay primary care doctor, chronic medications, telehealth, acute medications, and counseling. It covers over 650 prescriptions representing 92% of all prescribed medications, OTC medications, a special diabetic program, and an OTC program. The package also offers an individualized, online portal for real-time access to prescription history and pharmacy coaching, as well as telephonic counseling on demand with three face-to-face video consults, legal consultation, and financial consultation.
    • Group purchase price: $15 per member per month (Sylvania chamber members receive special pricing at $12.75)
    • Individual purchase price: $20 per member per month (Sylvania chamber members receive special pricing at $17.00)
  2. BasiCare Plus Complete Care Package: Adds a primary care physician and chronic medications to the BasiCare Plus Enhanced Package.
    • Group purchase price: $49.95 per member per month (Sylvania chamber members receive special pricing at $42.50)
    • Individual purchase price: $74.95 per member per month (Sylvania chamber members receive special pricing at $63.75)

BasiCare Plus offers a telehealth service that includes the member and eight dependents, available in all fifty states with 24/7 access. There are no limits to consultation frequency or duration, and the average wait time to connect is under 9 minutes. Doctors are board-certified, US-based, and meet NCQA credentialing standards. Consultations are recorded, documented, and can be shared with the primary physician. Prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy of the member’s choosing, and the service provides an absentee note if needed. The service offers multimodal access through an app, online, or by phone. If bundling services, all benefits will be included in one app.

The consultation benefit includes the member plus eight dependents, 70 drugs covered without limitation to dose, duration, form, or frequency, available at over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide, and the member shows a card at the pharmacy for a $0 copay prescription. The prescription benefit includes a nationwide discount program for all other medications. The behavioral Rx benefit is a member-only benefit that provides 87 of the most commonly prescribed medications associated with mental health, available at over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide, and also available through mail-order 90-day supply with free shipping. The chronic Rx benefit includes a dedicated physician, annual wellness and follow-up care, integrated prescriptions with pharmacy coaching through a chronic med program, health risk assessment, chronic care management, access to pediatric care for minor dependents, and a free starter kit for chronic medications.

Comparative Analysis

While both DrOnCall and BasiCare Plus provide valuable telehealth services, it is essential to understand that they are not insurance plans. These platforms offer convenient access to healthcare professionals for non-emergency medical concerns, but they do not replace comprehensive health insurance coverage.

BasiCare Plus and its associated service, AcuteCare Rx, clearly state that their offerings are not insurance products. The telemedicine services provided by these platforms are intended for general, non-emergency illnesses and should not be considered a substitute for traditional health insurance.

Similarly, DrOnCall is a telemedicine platform that connects patients with healthcare providers for remote consultations and treatment. While it offers a wide range of services, including urgent care, primary care, and behavioral health support, it is not an insurance plan. Users should maintain separate health insurance coverage to ensure they have access to comprehensive medical care when needed.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion, DrOnCall and BasiCare Plus are two telemedicine platforms that offer convenient access to healthcare professionals for non-emergency medical concerns. Both services provide a range of benefits, including urgent care, primary care, and behavioral health support, with the goal of making healthcare more accessible and affordable. However, it is crucial to understand that these platforms are not a substitute for comprehensive health insurance coverage.

When considering telehealth services like DrOnCall or BasiCare Plus, individuals should carefully evaluate their healthcare needs and determine which platform best aligns with their requirements. By leveraging the advantages of telemedicine while maintaining appropriate health insurance coverage, patients can ensure they receive the care they need, when they need it, without compromising their overall health and well-being.