Best Roaming SIM/eSIM cards

TL;DR? Get started with eSIM cards now with AloSIM and Airalo. You must have an unlocked phone.

Traveling soon or regularly? Not sure what sim card options are best for you? The good news is, gone are the days of physical sim cards. Almost all carriers and network providers have moved to eSIM cards making it easy to get and use international roaming sim cards through mobile apps like AloSIM and Airalo (Android and iPhone). There is no more need to juggle multiple sim cards as the apps will keep track of the different sim cards for you and even allow you to switch easily between each.

The apps are free to download and there is no cost to the eSIM itself. And because it’s pay-as-you need, you only have to commit to the data package that fits your needs and price with rates starting at $4 for 1GB of data.

International roaming eSIM cards can help you save a lot of money on international roaming fees/costs. So the question isn’t so much which sim card is the best, but which international roaming app is most likely to fit your data needs and budget (hint: most international roaming apps have similar pricing).

Safe travels!