Lisbon Portugal on a Budget

Lisbon Portugal on a Budget

Lisbon (and Portugal in general) is a very safe and friendly place.  Most citizens in the main city centers speak English and are always looking to help.  Take the usual precautions against pickpockets in crowded areas and trains.

Where to Stay: Yes! Hostels


One of the top rated hostels in Lisbon.  Very clean, friendly staff and right in the center of downtown within walking distance of the main attractions.

Cost: €12 – €36/night/person.  The one private room they have is about €36/night for the room regardless of one or two people.

– Basic Breakfast from 7 – 10:30am.
– Fast and reliable wifi throughout the entire building.
– Free (tip based) walking tours right from the hostel. €5/person is usually sufficient and worth the value.  The tours alternate routes every two days.


Additional perks and ways to save:
– There is one laundry machine and one dryer for €3 each with detergent included.
– €10 dinners every night at 9pm with unlimited drinks until 11pm.  A great way to meet new friends!
– Except for Sundays and Mondays there’s a pub crawl nightly starting at 11:30pm for €12 (€10 if you get dinner at the hostel) that goes as long as you want to stay out.
– €15 half day tour to Sintra right from the hostel, including a sunset drive back via Cabo da Roca, mainland Europe’s most western point.
– Of course, the hostel will help you with other tour bookings as needed, including surfing trips
Ask the Hostel staff for restaurant recommendations.  Avoid eating in the main areas as those areas are usually double/triple the price locals would pay.


– Train from Lisbon to Porto: €24 (roughly 3 hours with great views of the country side along the way and free wifi).
Tip: Get off at Lisboa Campanha and take any train towards Sao Bento (one stop that’s also the last stop) to get to the main square and tourist area.
– Plane from Lisbon to Porto: €9 – €55