BCx Healthcare Benefits Review

Moving to the U.S.? Travelling there regularly or planning to stay for awhile?  Healthcare in the U.S. can be complicated and travel insurance should be a high priority for anyone visiting the U.S.

But what about for smaller issues?  Things like minor infections, colds, etc.  Going to the hospital or urgent care can be time consuming and costly.

Luckily, a new flexible subscription program is being offered from BCx that provides unlimited tele-med coverage and unlimited prescription drug coverage for $15/month.  Tele-med is where you can video-call (or regular call) a U.S. board certified doctor to discuss your ailments.  You can even get a prescription through the same doctor if it is deemed necessary.

courtesy of MDLive.com
Courtesy of MDLive.com

The tele-med service is provided by MDlive.com and normally costs $75 per call.  With a BCx subscription, it’s unlimited!

Signing up takes less than 3 minutes and is 100% online.  And a prescription drug card is sent via email usually the next business day.

BCx Drug Card

Currently, the first month is free for the monthly option.  The annual option provides even more savings.

Finally, the cost includes up to 7 family members and require no medical questionnaire.  Acceptance is guaranteed!