Open Letter to Curaçao Tourist Board – Travel Massive Island & #LifeOnCuracao


Dear Curaçao Tourist Board:

First off, let me begin by thanking you for hosting the October Toronto Travel Massive event. I look forward to learning about your great island and its many offerings.

But why stop with the Toronto event? As you might be aware, Travel Massive has over 100 chapters around the world. On top of this, Travel Massive is always looking for great places to host its Travel Massive Island conference. Think of it as a regular Travel Massive event, but with members coming from all around the world to your island.

Travel Massive Island started off as an April Fool’s joke, but quickly evolved into a gathering of travel influencers, bloggers, travel execs and industry insiders.  The concept by Travel Concept Solutions is all about gathering people from around the world to help destinations discover the best angles on how to reach its target travellers.  This is on top of all the online exposure during and after the conference.

The previous Travel Massive Island host was Ios, Greece (#LifeOnIos). We came together to help rebrand the island with sustainability as the focus. Some of the attendees and content from the conference can be found here and below:

Diego (Viajando con Diego)

More of his videos here.

Jenna (Give For Granted)

Alicia (Alicia Explores)

Other attendees:
Sally Davey – Product Director, TripAdvisor
Lucas Estevam – SnapChat Superstar
Joao Brotto – Travel Blogger
Emily Zanier – Travel Blogger


So what motivates our members to attend Travel Massive Island? Well it comes down to passion. At our last event, the majority of attendees paid their own way there because of their desire to help shape the future of travel marketing and content creation. The value of gathering, networking and the creation of new ideas was enough to attract Travel Massive members to gather from around the world. In return, we ask for time and support around the discovery of the island, accommodations and meals. All in all, the ROI for you (as per our Ios case study) is Massive (yes, pun intended).

So what do you think?  Intrigued? Let’s chat at the Toronto event.  #LifeOnCuracao