KnowRoaming International SIM & Data Plan Review

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I recently teamed up with KnowRoaming to review its international unlimited roaming sim card/data plan throughout Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and France). KnowRoaming has various plans, including its unlimited $7.99USD/day data plan. For context, the big cellular providers can cost $5+/MB when you’re overseas.

As anticipated, it worked well. At first, it was nice to be able to check email, tweet, and post like I was at home without the worry of overages or additional costs. But as I started to travel and move about Europe, it dawned on me that it was more than that. It’s not just about being able to check your email all the time, but more about piece-of-mind, safety, and being as efficient as possible while you travel.

That said, I decided to compile a list of not-so-obvious reason why a KnowRoaming international roaming sim is important for all travellers.

1. Travel more and stop looking for wifi
There’s nothing more frustrating that getting lost somewhere than having to waste time trying to find wifi just to access your Google Maps. With KnowRoaming, you can access your travel apps at any time so you can maximize your travels, instead of spending time looking for the closest Starbucks.

2. Travels safer
Having KnowRoaming gives you access to apps that could help you avoid dangerous situations. After a night of partying, it’s great to know you can quickly call an Uber to get you back to your hotel instead of roaming the unfamiliar streets. Unfortunately, many apps like Uber and bSafe require data to work.

3. Instant translations
Need to know what a street sign or menu says? Get instant translations via Google or your apps.

4. Real-time should be real-time
As the world moves to become more real-time on social (Periscope, Facebook Live, etc.), without the proper plan streaming video can get quite expensive.

5. More secure and private
Connecting via cell towers is more secure than public wifi spots – There’s no way to know who has access to a given wifi connection. Moreover, some places require you to provide your personal info and/or email in order to access its wifi. Just skip all this and go direct via the cell towers for maximum security and privacy.

6. Piece of mind for parents
Parents and family can check on you at anytime, giving them piece of mind (and hopefully let you travel more!).

7. Great Customer Service 24/7
If you have any issues with connecting, KnowRoaming has 24/7 support that usually replies within minutes unlike the big cell phone providers who usually only provide support via phone.

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Safe travels!