River Surfing in Prague, Czech Republic

Although a land-locked country, it is in fact possible to surf in Prague, Czech Republic.  Thanks to the efforts of Jan Maršík and his team, river surfing has become a reality.

Born from a dream of wanting to have a local spot to ride a wave and hangout with like-minded people, Maršík set out to make this happen in 2013 when he started construction on the Elbe River in Brandy’s Nad Labem.  Today, it’s a favourite among locals and tourist alike.  See here for the full story.

Not only is it great for beginner and intermediate surfers, the surrounding history makes the area a great place to just walk around.  Before hitting the waves, be sure to check out the Brandy’s Nad Labem Castle.  Also the third oldest bridge in the Czech Republic is just down the stream from the surf spot.

Interested?  See Maršík’s website (Czech only) or sign-up for the tour at Biko Adventures.