Zip Lining in Toronto and Around Ontario – Tree Top Trekking Review

Think you need to go south in order to experience the thrills of zip lining?  Luckily, it’s not the case.  Treetop Trekking has various locations around Ontario where you can experience both zip lining and treetop obstacles, all while safely strapped in to a harness.

This review is based on the Brampton, Ontario location.  For their other locations, please see their website. Reservations are required for all locations and you should arrive 30 minutes early to fill in all the required paperwork.


The Overall Experience

The day will start with an orientation session where you will learn the safety skills required to navigate the obstacles and ride the zip lines.  After a short hands-on test of the safety skills, you are off on your own to navigate the numerous courses.  Each course get progressively harder, ending with the longest/hardest (assuming the guides feel that you are ready for it and time permitting).  In general, be prepared to be out on the courses for about 3 hours.

Tip: Go to the washroom beforehand!  Having to go while you’re out makes for a lot of work (i.e. removing your harness) and lost time.

Tip: Bring snacks and water with you in a small bag that you can hang for a branch.  Leave valuables in your car.

Tip: Bring fingerless gloves to prevent your hands from chaffing.


Zip Lines

Most of the courses include short zip lines to get you from tree to tree.  In order to experience the longer zip line (see beginning of the above video), it will cost you an extra fee.  The longer zip line at the Brampton location is called the Blue Huron.


The Difference Between Treetop Trekking and Just Zip Lining

Unlike zip lining in the south, you will be responsible for clipping yourself in (for both the course obstacles and zip lines).  Furthermore, the obstacle courses require a moderate amount of physical exertion and balance.  There are dozens of different obstacle styles (nets, blocks, tightropes, etc.) with almost no ability to turn back after you start the course.  Of course, if you feel uncomfortable at anytime, the guides are there to assist, although be prepared to be independent after the orientation portion is complete.