Top European Destinations for U.S. Travellers

MMGY’s annual study on American travelers was just released.  The study includes the top European cities Americans are seriously considering visiting over the next two years.

Top Cities for US travellers 2016

The study, which has been conducted for more than 20 years, surveyed nearly 3,000 active travelers living in the U.S. with an annual household income of at least $50,000 (with 815 respondents having an annual household income of $125,000 or more). They also took at least one leisure trip of 75 miles or more during the previous 12 months that included overnight accommodations. Respondents were evenly distributed between males and females and between all generations.

On average, respondents plan to spend $5,048 on vacations during 2016. That’s an 11.5 percent increase from 2015 when MMGY asked the same question.

Related, Italy remains the most considered European country to visit for U.S. travelers.

Top European Countries for US Travellers 2016

Source: MMGY Global