Using a Travel Agent is Important and Why Millennials are Increasingly Doing So.

A new report released by the American Society of Travel Agents (which reached out to 14,000 households) suggests that U.S. Millennial travellers are increasingly turning towards travel agents to book their holidays. Per the report, 30 per cent of Millennials have booked through a travel agent, while another 45 per cent of Millennials polled also said they would recommend a travel agent to a friend.

“At this point, consumers have tried it all – they’ve booked online, they’ve gone direct, and they’ve used a travel agent,” said ASTA president Zane Kerby in a statement. “This study dispels once and for all the myth that booking direct with suppliers or spending hours online yourself gets you a better deal or gives you a happier travel experience. In short, if you want a better travel experience, use an agent.”

Although this statement is slightly biased due to the releasing organization, it does reinforce the many advantages of using a travel agent, which include:

Cost savings
Travel agents are able to provide the same, if not better pricing than what you find online. This is in part due to their flexibility with commissions, agency incentives, and supplier incentives that aren’t publicly known or available online. More on that here.

Less stress
No more ‘hunting’ online for the best deal. Better prices and less work? Yes please!

Added protection
Many countries regulate travel agents and some go as far as providing a safety net (insurance in a way) in case things don’t work out. This protection isn’t necessarily guaranteed when buying online.

So when all things are considered, it’s no wonder Millenials are using travel agents to book their trips. One important factor to note though is that most Millennials will be influenced highly online or on social media before approaching a travel agent to finalize a trip.