The Best Poutine in Montreal? La Banquise Without a Doubt!

La Banquise Montreal Best Poutine

You’ve landed in Montreal and you’re all excited to try the Quebec invention known as Poutine (pronounced ‘Pu-tin’ in French, like the Russian leader).

So where is the best Poutine in Montreal? Without a doubt it’s La Banquise on rue Rachel Est (Rachel Street East) and it’s available 24 hours a day!

Large La Savoyarde Poutine - Enough for 3-4 people!
Large La Savoyarde Poutine – Enough for 3-4 people!

Established in 1968 as an ice-cream shop, La Banquise has transformed into a premium poutine outlet known throughout Quebec and the world. It went through a major renovation 2006 allowing for more dining room.

Dine-in or takeout. Your choice!
Line-up to the left for takeout, right for dine-in.

With over 25 different poutines to choose from, La Banquise is the place to go for poutine anytime of day.