YYZDeals.com Review

Most travellers based out of Toronto, Canada have probably heard of YYZ Deals and its amazing flight deals.  Chris Myden, the founder of the site, has discovered a way to automate the search process and posts about great deals he finds on flights from Toronto to numerous destinations around the world.  On occasion, he even posts infamous ‘mistake fares‘ that allows purchasers to book flights well below cost.

The big question that gets asked is: Are the deals real?  Short answer, yes!  But there’s a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Many of the deals are short lived.  In other words, like most great sales, there is only a small window to purchase these deals (usually between 24-48 hours!).  So be sure to sign-up for the email updates and when a deal comes up, book as quickly as you can!
  2. For the most part, there isn’t much flexibility on dates.  So the date combinations (the day you leave and the day you return) is fixed.  This being said, it’s up to the purchaser to be flexible.
  3. The deals usually come weekly, but there is no set day or time. The key is to pay attention and check the site regularly.
  4. Posts are usually for flights only.  Be sure to read any fine print and consider accommodations before making any impulse purchases.  Hotels.com and Expedia are usually the cheapest, but there are many other sites to consider.

Additional tips:

  1. As mentioned on YYZ Deals, be sure to sign-up for a points card like the American Express Gold Card and always be ready to use the points before cash.
  2. Get used to last-minute travel.  A lot of the deals fall into this category so start being nice to your boss now so it’s easy to leave on a whim.  For how low some of the prices are, it’s very realistic to fly to a Caribbean island for a long weekend and spend less than what you would have if you had stayed at home.
  3. Plan your next vacation around a flight deal.  Sometimes, planning a trip is a pain in the butt.  Let YYZ Deals choose the next location for you based on the deals they find.


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