2016 Travel Trends

Low oil prices should keep airline prices steady or slightly lower
The low oil prices and increased competition (in most countries) should keep base fares of flights from rising. Some routes are already showing signs of trending lower. The only caveat is that a lot of airlines are moving to the charge-for-use model. This includes charging for checked bags, carry-on bags, and drinks.

Higher hotel room rates
Even with the popularity of AirBnB, many hoteliers plan to increase their rates.

Americans will travel more, while the Chinese will stay home
With the American economy picking up and the Chinese economy slowing down, there will be a ‘flip’ in the growth rate of travellers from both countires.

Cuba to become mainstream
Move over Mexico and Dominican Republic, Cuba will be the next hotspot for Americans as political restrictions start to get lifted. If you’re not American, right now may be the best (and last) time to go before it gets too crowded.

Everyone wants to be a trailblazer
With Instagram popularity continuing to increase, travellers are competing to get the next ‘best shot’ for their social feeds. This is leading to travellers looking for more unique locations outside of mainstream areas to capture images that only few have the opportunity to get.

Big data will lead to more personalized experiences
With smartphones, RFID chips, and geo-fencing becoming mainstream, it’s a lot easier for companies to send personalized invites and experiences to each individual traveller. TripAdvisor is leading the way with this with their Apple Watch app.