Galapagos Islands, Ecuador With G Adventures


The Galapagos Islands are truly heaven on earth! ¬†This is a must for everyone’s bucket list.

The islands offer unbelievably clean water, sand, and untouched wilderness that is highly protected by the government. Where else can you go to safely swim with wild turtles, sharks, and sea lions?

Most islands are untouched and laws limit the time each group can stay in each area. Just to land in the Galapagos will cost you $100USD upon arrival and there are strict laws governing where you can go and what you can touch.

G Adventures is highly recommended as they take care a lot of the planning for you. It goes without saying, this is not a place you want to ‘wing-it’. They offer various price levels/boats and I had the privilege of riding on their G4 boat, which offers running water, hot showers, and a spacious living area with a full bar. The staff is highly experienced and do what they can to ensure you’re comfortable during your journey.

Note: The waters do get rough at times, especially as they move locations overnight. Be sure to bring lots of Gravel and motion sickness meds even if you normally aren’t the type to get seasick.