Sushi Delivery In Mykonos Greece?

Greece is known for its great seafood cuisine, and experiencing in Mykonos is no exception.  But I couldn’t help but wonder, what would sushi delivery compare to back home?  So I set out to find out!  Surprisingly, it didn’t take me long to find a highly recommended sushi delivery service right in the heart of Mykonos.

This sushi delivery service is a little-known local secret and great for those that are looking for a change to the Greek style foods.  The cuisine is carefully prepared by a Japanese local that has lived on the island for multiple decades, named Kinji.

Mykonos Greece Sushi

To order, Kinji asks that you give him 24 hours notice to ensure he can fulfill your order, but will be more than happy to accommodate you on shorter timelines if he can.

Also, if you’re taking the ferry back to the main island, Kinji’s lunch/dinner boxes are perfect for those long trips.

Kinji Fried Shrimp Mykonos Greece

Kinji Fried Shrimp Mykonos Ferry

I can honestly say, it beat the ferry food hands down!