Ios Greece

This past July, I had the privilege of joining dozens of travel insiders at Travel Massive’s Unconference event in Ios, Greece.

The conference was generously hosted by the Luxurious brand of hotels and restaurants. As we went through the week’s events, it became clear that Luxurious and its founders are trying to keep Ios Greece from going the way of the other islands in the region in becoming a party haven, but to position it as a sustainable, luxury island.

So what is it that makes Luxurios and Ios different and sustainable?

1. Local materials

During the construction process, all the materials except wood, iron, glass and cement are produced locally, including most of the marble, which is extracted from the ground of the actual building sites. Even the swimming pools, patios and open ground surfaces are also constructed by adding thousands of marble pieces crafted by hand and put together similar to a giant puzzle.  The below video show the process of turning large marble chunks into usable pieces.

Ios Greece Pathos Marble Pieces

 Ios Greece Marble Slab

2. Local Labour

Local master craftsmen lay by hand and construct each one of the venues, employing painstaking but authentic and traditional building techniques.

3. Replanting of Trees

To date, 55,000+ trees have been replanted, including 500 ancient (300+ year old) olive trees destined to become firewood.

Ios Greece Replanted Trees

4. Water Recycling

Each venue has a large underground water reservoir to collect water during the rainy season and consume it in the summer tourist season. All water from daily cleaning of the venues are recycled in separate waste management reservoirs to be used for the watering of our trees.

So if you’re looking for to treat yourself while keeping your conscious clear, be sure to experience the many Luxurios Island Experiences while visiting the untouched areas of Ios, Greece!