The most favorite Brazilian destinations are chosen for their great weather, amazing beaches (or hotel pools), awesome exploring, and outstanding dining and drinking experiences. But what to pack for all these activities?

Proper Packing for Brazil
The humid climate makes lightweight, breathable clothing absolutely necessary, regardless your destination and endeavors.

Adaptors and surge protectors will be needed if you plan to travel with electronics. Most places in use 110 Volt AC electricity, just like the US and Canada but sometimes round pin sockets have 220 volts. To avoid destroying your hair dryer, laptop, or phone, it is best to use a power adaptor.

Toiletries in Brazil will be twice as expensive as at home, so be sure to bring your favorites with you. Remember to pack aloe vera in case you burn, and strong sunscreen to try and avoid it.

The law in Brazil demands that foreigners carry identification at all times, so be sure to pack an ID Card or copy of your passport to carry with you, even at the beach.

For Exploring:
Solid, comfortable shoes are necessary for long hours of sightseeing, and the bumpy trails of hiking paths.

A small backpack or daybag can store your necessities, including a camera, map, and water, which you shouldn’t skip as dehydration comes easily.

For Dining and Drinking:
Brazilians dress well, and casual yet elegant clothing will be a better choice than beachwear for anything fancier than a beachside kiosk. When in doubt, overdressing is better than underdressing.

A nice pair of shoes will be needed if you plan to visit any clubs in Brazil’s major cities (Havainas will not cut it).

For Beaching:
The sun in Brazil is especially intense. Even if you usually forego them, be sure to pack sunglasses and a hat to avoid heat exhaustion and sun-sickness.

Feel free to forget many necessary beach-related items, as they are cheaper and of good quality in Brazil:

Beach coverups are sold on the beach and in many beach-side shops, and are great souvenirs.

A canga does double duty as a beach coverup and a beach blanket, and are extremely popular and available everywhere, and also great as souvenirs.

Bikinis in Brazil are cheaper (and skimpier, if you want to try it out!) than at home, and this goes for men’s swimsuits as well!

The popular Brazilian sandals called Havaianas are extremely good quality, one third the price in Brazil as compared to abroad, and with shops everywhere (even the airport).

Every beach will have kiosks renting beach umbrellas and beach chairs for a tiny fee, so don’t waste valuable packing space by including those either.

Brazil is a vast and varied country, with 26 states of differing climates, cultures, and charms so be sure to check the weather of your destination before finalizing your packing list. Don’t assume that the seasons are the same in Brazil as at home. What is summer in your country may be “winter” in Brazil! Brazilian winter in some regions will require a jacket, at least at night. Winter can be rainy, as well as some other seasons in a few of the regions, so it may be wise to pack a raincoat or portable umbrella if applicable.