Rain’s Guide to Surviving Las Vegas!

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So you’ve decided to take on Las Vegas! Here’s quick summary and checklist of what to expect and how to survive.

As you’re probably aware, Vegas has many layers. Everything from a family friendly layer to the absolutely ‘can’t tell anyone this happened’ layer. It’s all what you make of it. In general, Las Vegas is very safe, especially on the main strip, and very well lit at night as one would expect.

Things you should know:

1. Dress shoes and dress shirt are mandatory to get into most nightclubs. Heels are a must for ladies. This is of course assuming you’re not spending thousands on bottle service in which case you can wear whatever you want. Expect to pay anywhere from $14 to $20 per drink (excluding tip).

2. Along with the above, ladies get preferential treatment at the clubs. Many even offer free cover and free drinks until a specified time. In many cases, guys can get in faster/cheaper if the ratio of the group is 1:1 guy to girl.

3. Try to book a hotel close to a McDonald’s and Walgreens. As you will quickly learn, food gets very expensive in Vegas and purchasing food at McDonald’s and Walgreens can help keep your wallet in check. Planet Hollywood is great for this as it’s practically attached to Walgreens, McDonald’s, Subway, and a mall with many other options.

4. Pools parties are a great place to meet people. Most of the hotels have daily pool parties, so be sure to check these out (you will have to pay cover if you aren’t staying at the hotel).

5. Fremont Street is a great alternative to the main strip with its own flavour of restaurants, bars, and casinos.

6. Drinking on the street is 100% legal.

7. There are two outlet malls. One at the south, and one at the north. Both offer great discounts on brand name merchandise.

8. It is almost impossible to hail a taxi on the main strip (too busy). Taxis are available at all valet areas of the main casinos/resorts. For the most part, you will never have to wait for a taxi as the valet is where they all line up to pickup passengers.

Safe Travels Everyone!