Switzerland – Contiki European Horizon


Switzerland was probably the highlight for most people on the trip. The stunning scenery, clean water, and crisp air definitely gave everybody a second wind during the last leg of the trip.

On the way to the hostel from Italy, you will pass through Lucerne to learn about some Swiss history and to do some Swiss watch shopping. While here, be sure to pickup some milk as milk from Switzerland is second-to-none in quality and taste!

With two nights in the same hostel, it is a great time to catch up on emails and do some laundry. The Jungfrau tour which takes you up a mountain via rail to an elevation of 4,158m (13,641 ft) is highly recommended, but some preparation is required. Be sure to take warmer clothes with you and some Advil/Tylenol to help with elevation sickness (most people will be ok). If you’re feeling extra adventurous, be sure to hike to the peek of Jungfrau and/or take some snowboarding lessons while you’re there.

Although after a few days it’s difficult to leave Switzerland behind, knowing that you’re heading to Paris makes it a little more tolerable.


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